Rumble Boxing Fitness Class Review

January 15, 2020


Just when you thought the world of boutique boxing classes couldn’t take another studio. Enter the somewhat new kid on the block, Rumble boxing, which is ready to knock out the competition.  Rumble has a reputation of being a favorite amongst celebrities ( think Soulcycle like following) and is a killer workout. Keep reading to see my Rumble boxing fitness class review.

What: Boxing inspired high-intensity interval training (HIIT) circuit-style group fitness class.  During the class, the instructor and overhead screens will call out your next move while an upbeat hip-hop playlist helps to keep you moving. Similar to Solidcore, the room has a club-like atmosphere with the lights turned low in favor of black lights instead. The format of the class allows you to go at your own pace and challenge yourself as much as you desire, without worrying about other classmates taking notice.Rumble

Where: Multiple locations in New York, California, DC, and Philadelphia

Price: Ranges from $36 (two for 1 New York) – $30 ( two for 1 Philadelphia)

How long: A standard Rumble boxing class is 45-minutes long, divided into “10 rounds” (get the boxing reference?) Within those 45 minutes you can expect to spend half of your time on the teardrop-shaped, water-filled boxing bags. The other half of the time is spent over on the bench side of the room with free weight and bodyweight exercises.

Rumble ReviewWhat to wear: For this class, you need to bring or purchase boxer wraps. You also need to bring or rent boxing gloves. Outside of that I would wear anything you feel good in and can move freely! You can shop the outfit I wore to this class below!


Overall I highly recommend this class. Although it is a bit pricey, if you can afford to go it is a great workout! I also leave covered in sweat and feeling like a champ! I booked my class on classpass, sign up now if you haven’t already!

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