Solidcore Megaformer Fitness Classes Review

January 8, 2020
Solidcore Review

What: Solidcore megaformer fitness class is a high-intensity low impact workout using megaformer machines. The class consists of slow, deliberate movements that isolate and work your muscles. Solidcore incorporates a dance party-like atmosphere with lights low and the music high throughout the workout.

Solidcore  Megaformer review

Where: Solidcore is a boutique fitness studio with over 20 locations across the United States

Price per class: Prices vary by location $24-$41 and time (offpeak vs peak). I booked my class through Classpass and the rate was 14 credits.

How Long: 50 minutes

Solidcore Megaformer Fitness  Class Review

What to Wear: Be prepared to sweat! For a Solidcore megaformer fitness class I recommend these moisture-wicking leggings and top. You will also need to remove your socks before you get on the megaformer machine. Typical workout clothes that are easy to move in and moisture-wicking is best for this class.

Megaformers workout review

Overall: Despite being a pretty active person, this was the hardest workout class I have ever done! I told the instructor it was my first time so she did a quick demo before class. She also came around for several hand-on assistance during class. With that being said, I still had no idea how to do most of the moves and transitions being that I was completely new to megaformer classes. The little parts of the class that I was able to follow along for truly worked my core (no pun intended) to the bone. I plan to try another reformer class to see if I will be able to follow along better the second time. Overall I recommend this class if you are looking to really challenge yourself and kick your fitness to the next level! Since these classes can be expensive I recommend trying it out via Classpass.

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