Flywheel Tempo Fitness Class Review

March 12, 2019



What: Flywheel Tempo 45

Where: Flywheel is a chain of boutique spin studios across the United States, I visited Flywheel Rittenhouse

Price per class: Depending on the city prices range from about $25-35

How Long: 45 minutes for express classes

What to Wear: For all classes at Flywheel, you can wear typical workout clothes such as leggings/workout tights and a comfortable shirt. You will also need to wear socks and rent or bring spinning shoes.

Experience: If you’re anything like me then working out is a way to stay fit, healthy, and work off the occasional indulgent meal. One of the few workouts I actually enjoy is spinning and barre. I find spinning to be more fun than running on a treadmill and really effective for burning calories. Recently Flywheel launched a new class called “Tempo 45” that incorporates high energy and high intensity movements into spinning. I got the opportunity to try this class at Flywheel Rittenhouse and it had a lot of fun! The 45 mins of class flew by as I tried to keep up with the somewhat complicated (clearly lack of rhythm doesn’t help) choreography and not fall off my bike. It felt similar to a Soul-Cycle class with all of the movements but still distinctly Flywheel style.

Overall: The class is fun and worth trying at least once! Best of all, I burned more calories in this class than any class before.


Flywheel Review

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