The Ultimate Mardi Gras New Orleans Packing List

February 27, 2019


Ultimate Mardi Gras Packing List

Mardi Gras is around the corner and I could not be more excited to be going for the first time. I’ve sifted through countless articles, reviews, and blog posts to create the Ultimate Mardi Gras packing list. I’m sharing this on my blog to save you the time and effort. Below are the top tips I’ve found for Mardi Gras:


Closed-toe shoes: If you’ve ever been to a carnival or similar all day walking through the streets experience, comfortable closed-toe shoes are a must. Life, rain, and body fluids end up on the street but hopefully not on your feet. This is not the time for cute shoes for the gram. Salvage your selfie photos by shooting from the waist up. Comfortable boots or sneakers are your best option. Rain boots are also a good item to consider if there is a lot of rain in the forecast.

Weather Appropriate Clothing: Similar to the first tip, bringing clothing for all weather is a must. I’ve traveled a lot and on many of those trips, it has rained. It rains a lot in New Orleans so be sure to pack a portable raincoat and umbrella. In addition, because of the time of year wearing layers allows you to add or subtract as needed. There is nothing worse than being stuck too cold or too hot for an entire vacation. Bring at least two pairs of comfortable jeans or leggings and a pair of tights for layering under shorts or pants.

Secure Hands-free Bag: Fannypacks or “bum bags” as they call them across the pond are a fashion statement perfect for this occasion. If you have a lot of things to carry then a backpack with secure closure is another good option. Crossbody bags will also work as long as you won’t exactly put it down somewhere during a drunken bar crawl.


Costumes and Accessories: Just like any other carnival people will be dressed up. The level to which you want to go is totally up to you. For my particular trip, I am focusing onpacking items that have a double function so that it all fits into my carryon bag. Instead of a full-on costume, I will be bringing the following pieces:

-All the yellow, green, purple, and gold sequin clothing that I already own

-Purple hair spray that I can wash out after the parade instead of wasting space with a colorful wig

-Festive eyeshadow and crazy false lashes (the ones that I never have an occasion to wear)

-Mardi Gras themed headband (small and easy to store anywhere)

Phone: Download the parade tracker app. Download find MyFriends and add your friends that you will be traveling with. Also, bring a portable charger

Misc: Snacks for on the road, band-aids for blisters, a small bottle of water, hand sanitizer/wipes, and tissues for potter potties.


These are the essential for any and all Mardi Gras trip but feel free to add more stuff based on your unique travel plans!

4 responses to “The Ultimate Mardi Gras New Orleans Packing List”

  1. Tawn says:

    Great tips! Thanks!

  2. Lori Roach says:

    Great list! My son lives near NOLA, and I can tell you, it’s already in the 80s there, so comfortable warm weather clothing is key! i second the comment about closed-toed shoes – the streets can be pretty filthy. Your list is solid, but I would suggest also bringing lots of tums, pepto, and other hangover helpers. Even if you don’t drink alcohol, between the crowds, heat, and lack of sleep, you will need some “soothers”.

  3. Stine Mari says:

    This is great! I want to see the mardi gras someday, it looks like so much fun. Will keep this in mind, thanks!

  4. Thanks for sharing all of your research. I hope that you have a fantastic trip. If you get time, enjoy a muffuletta sandwich for those of us that can’t join the party this year! 🙂

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