5 Things You Need to Know About The Pegan Diet

August 2, 2019

Pegan Diet

Have you heard of the Pegan Diet? If you haven’t, or if you’re just looking to learn a little more about it, here are five things you need to know about the diet that is taking the world, and our stomachs, by storm!


What is the Pegan Diet? 

Let me put it this way, when you mix the paleo diet and a vegan diet together, you get the pagan diet. If you don’t know what the paleo diet is, it is essentially a diet consisting of food available during the Paleolithic era 2+ million years ago. This means vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, and nuts are all a go! If you’re interested to learn more about the paleo diet, here’s a delicious 5 Ingredient Paleo Asian Chopped Salad Recipe perfect for any season!

However, the vegan diet does not allow for any animal products or byproducts such as meat, fish, eggs, or yogurt. Instead, it includes eating plant-based food. Now, it seems like the two contradict each other, so how do we get the pegan diet? It stems from the core ideas of a healthy eating plan and focuses on real, whole foods.



What Can You Eat On the Pegan Diet?

To continue, with this diet, the keyword here is PLANTS!  It is suggested that 75% of your diet consists of vegetables and fruits. This sounds like the paleo and vegan diet! However, not too fast! You are allowed to eat meat but instead of the main course, it is seen more as a side dish.

Benefits of the Pegan Diet

Personally, I love the idea of having a focus on real plant-based foods but not having to be exclusive to no meat. Because of the amount of vegetable and fruit involved in the diet, it is sure to help one lose weight since these are more fiber-filled and have fewer calories than other food. It also focuses on stability with the idea behind purchasing sustainably raised meat and not eating as much. If fewer people ate meat, less of the planet would face results such as land degradation and water overuse.


The downside of the Pegan Diet

Of course, no diet can be perfect. The pegan diet may be a turn off for some for a few reasons. First, it might not fit their budget. It also is difficult to keep the pegan diet in social situations. Finally, if one doesn’t have time on their hands, they might burn out quickly by not getting creative with their food! Watch out!

Food Specifics!

With this diet, consumers focus on eating grass-fed or sustainably raised meats, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, eggs, and fish. On the other side, foods that consumers do not eat include any type of dairy, grain, beans, or sweets in general.


Are you interested in trying the Pegan Diet? Let me know in the comments below! If you are, check out this great resource for a little inspiration. It includes a free 7-day pegan diet meal plan!

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