What I learned from a year-long social media ban

January 11, 2019


Okay, so far starters I realize that taking a year-long break from social media is blogger suicide. Although I did get on social media from time to time, it was far and few. Going into 2018 I didn’t plan on doing this. However, it happened somewhat organically. I felt overwhelmed by the constant need to “be on” social media starting in 2017. I had a nagging voice telling me I should post more, show more, take more photos.  Meanwhile, I was also in grad school studying counseling and mental health. Learning about mindfulness in school made me want to be more present.  I wanted to actually focus on my totally new environment and learning a new career.

In 2018 I posted a handful of times, but for the most part, I went months without even opening social apps. My friends would mention major news and I would be totally clueless. Instead of jumping on social media to see what people were up to, I jumped on the phone and actually called (well texted) people. Not going on social media allowed me to feel free to truly soak in my travels, especially on my trip to Thailand.

Although I enjoyed the break, there were some challenges. In addition to being totally out of the loop with pop culture, I also missed communicating with new people through social media. As a blogger, I lost a ton of followers and essentially had to start my blog over. I also missed technology changes (Ummm what is Instagram TV???) and lost out on a ton of funny memes. Despite these challenges, I’m still happy I took a sabbatical. I have a new perspective coming back and I’m excited to share what I’ve been up to.

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