How to Wear Leopard Print

January 31, 2019

How to Wear Leopard Print

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Animal print is the one trend you can count on to come back in style time and time again. The king of the animal print kingdom is definitely leopard print. Recently leopard print has been super popular again, but for some people, it may be hard to know how to wear it. Leopard print at this point is basically a neutral, something that you can wear with almost anything.

I personally like to stick to one leopard or animal print item per outfit and leave the rest neutral. In addition, red looks really good with leopard print. For example, a red coat or bold red lipsticks pairs great with animal print.


Below are some of my favorite animal print finds (most of which are on sale!)


Tops & Bottoms:

Comment below and share if you like to wear animal print? What is your favorite animal print?

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