How to Figure Out Your Passion

April 2, 2019


In life, there is a lot of noise. Whether from friends, family, or random people on the internet, we receive so many messages each day on who and what we should be. Learning how to figure out your passion can be hard. One thing I have found that can help is to come back and remind myself that you don’t and can’t be all things. The saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” is a saying for a good reason. When we try to do all things, we end up not doing anything particularly well.  Instead, try to figure out one or two things that you are actually passionate about and could do uniquely well. Having trouble figuring it out? Keep reading for three questions to ask to determine your passion.

1). What is it that people come to me for advice on?

If other people want your answer on something then there is a good chance you are already a subject matter expert on it. For example, the two things people ask me about the most is my skincare and how to start a blog. These are two things that I have spent a lot of time learning about so it does not come as a surprise. Just because you are good at something does not necessarily mean it is a passion, but it is often a good place to start. We tend to be more passionate about doing things we are naturally good at. This is why some adults advice college students to major in whatever they enjoy and worry about turning it into a career later.

2). What do you naturally spend your free time doing?

This one can be a little tricky (especially if you spend most of your free time watching TV ). But if you dig hard I’m sure you will find something. For example, I naturally enjoy traveling. I spend a lot of my free time planning vacations and looking for travel deals. On my blog, I share a lot of my travel experiences and tips on preparing for travel. If you have a talent or something you have a natural interest in then sharing about it will others will come naturally for you. 

3). What is the worse that can happen?

At the end of the day, you never know until you try. Trying something new can be scary but also very exciting. Spend 5 minutes dreaming and journaling about your “perfect work day”. What would it look like? How would it feel? Where would you be? After the exercise, identify key themes and see how you can incorporate it into your current job or find a new job with those activities. Consider the risks and benefits of trying something new. If the potential benefit out weights the risk then plan how to give your passion a try. One tool I use to plan out my future and stay on track with my passions is my passion planner.


Remember that finding your passion takes time and introspection. Passions can also change over time as we grow and evolve. Below are more tools you may want to use to help figure out your passion.




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