How to Create a Skincare Routine for Beginners  

Starting a skincare routine may seem hard but it doesn't have to be! Start by finding the basics and then build in more products when necessary.


Start by finding a great cleanser that works with you skin not against it. For dry skin try cream cleansers and oily can try all types.


Serums are concentrated products that help with specific skin care concerns, like dark spots or texture for example. These may contain retinol, vitamin c, etc to truly impact the skin.


Lastly, find a moisturizer or facial lotion with SPF. The face, in particular, should have SPF every day (especially if you use Vitamin C products or Retinoids).

Write it Down!

Keep track of the products you try and how they make your skin feel. Be sure to give yourself enough time to truly test it out before going to the next product.

Change with the seasons

Be sure to listen to your skin and change your products according to your skin's current needs. For example, in the winter switch to a heavier moisturizer.

Shop Around

Avoid overpaying for your skincare staples simply because of brand. Instead, look for lower cost substitutions or dupes for your favorites too! Once you have your products wait for sales to stock up and save!

Be PAtient

Testing out products can cost a lot but once you find effective products for your skin they usually last for a long time. I typically only buy skincare products twice a year, usually during the Sephora sale.

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