Sauna Health Benefits: Reasons to Try a Dry Sauna  

Improved Muscle mass

Hitting the sauna after a work might actually help you preserve more  muscle mass according to a recent study. 

Increased Relaxation & Stress Reduction

Life can be stressful, incorporating a trip to the sauna can be a great way to decompress and unwind.

Improved Skin 

Sweating it out in the sauna may also help  enhance collagen production and skin cell exfoliation, both of which equal better skin!

Improved Circulation & Heart Health

Saunas may also lead to better circulation and endothelial function/ improved blood flow, all of which may reduce the risk of potential harmful heart events.

IMproved Pores

Sweating in a sauna may also help to open pores and reduce pore congestion! Tip: While you pore are still open post sauna apply your favorite skin serum for better absorption. 

Weight Loss?

If losing weight simply by sitting seems to good to be true, you're right! Although you may lose a little weight after a sauna session experts say this is water weight.

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