How to Travel with Only a Carry-On Suitcase

July 9, 2019

Carry-on only travel


You might be wondering why you need to know how to travel with only a carry-on. For one, long weekend trips away are how many of us like to spend our summer months. With fewer activities going on its fun to get away for a change of scenery or to visit friends. Of course, when it comes to doing frequent trips for travel blogging or just for fun, the only thing that’s not so fun is trying to cram your entire life for several days into a tiny carry-on. Often we find ourselves both over on the superfluous and under packed on necessities. To prevent that this year here is a few packing best practices.

1. Plan your outfits ahead. Whether you consider yourself a planner or not, this is one of the most crucial steps. The more you know about what kinds of activities you’ll be doing on the trip the better you can assess what you need to bring. If you need some outfit inspiration, check out my recent looks here.

2. Coordinate a color scheme. This next tip may sound kinda strange but hear me out. I’m not advising that you wear only one color the whole trip (people may start wondering if you’re in a gang or cult if you do that). But do try to have a color palette of complementary and or coordinating colors. Personally, I wear a lot of neutral colors and yellow so most of my wardrobe falls into this, but especially when I’m traveling. This allows you to bring fewer accessories like shoes, jackets, and hats (which is especially helpful in the winter months).

Pack a carry-on

3. Roll with the flow. For as long as you can remember you’ve probably been taught to fold your clothes. Well, stop. When it comes to packing a suitcase it’s much better to roll your clothes. Rolled outfits (think shirt on top of pants then rolled together) take up less room and reduce wrinkles.

Whether you made a New Years resolution to travel more or are on the road for work, pack better this summer by keeping these tips in mind.

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