how to spring clean your closet

Start Fresh 

Start by pulling out all the items in your closet and placing them on your bed. Doing this lets you see everything at once.


Start creating categories and labels for each category. I recommend these 3:  Keep, Donate, Recycle.


Pull out items that you still wear however aren't  needed for the warmer weather. Storing them away makes it easier to see the items you have for the next season..


Make sure you have storage containers appropriate for keeping your clothes safe and sound, while they are tucked away. 

Color Coding

While this step is optional, I tend to prefer to keep my closet in color order to make it easier to find items.


Take any items that may have stains or rips put them aside to go to the dry cleaners for cleaning and tailoring.


The last step is to hang all the remaining clothes back in your closet and get ready to enjoy your new Spring ready closet!

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