How TO PACK FOR a Southern Cali Vacation

Southern California is a beautiful place with so much to do 

Create an itinerary:

 Having an itinerary makes knowing what to pack so much smoother! Check out my example itinerary below for inspo!

Plan your outfits ahead

Use a travel packing list plan outfits and write down items that you'll need to cut down on packing extras.

Travel Bags & Packing Cubes

Compress your items in your suitcase using travel bags. These reusable labeled bags help keep your clothes compact and organized.

Consolidate Shoes

Wear your bulky shoes and only pack 2-3 shoes, a sandal, a heel, and a flip flop heel to toe at the bottom of your suitcase in a dust bag.

Roll with the flow

Roll your clothes using the bundle technique to help maximize space and minimize wrinkles. Wrap  shirts at the center with bottoms as the outside layer.

San diego 

catalina island

malibu Beach

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