Fun things to do on your next Girls Trip

Schedule a spa day:

One of the best things about vacation is having the time to unwind, especially after an adventurous trip.

Explore Together

 Exploring on the beach, city streets, or anything in between is always a fun group activity!  

Picnic in the Park

Big groups are hard to get in last minute reservations,  instead organize your own instagram worthy picnic!

Spend a day on the beach

Sand in your toes and salt in your hair as you give your troubles away. 

Wine TAsting

Wine tasting is always a good idea, especially when its with your girls!

Have a Tea Party

Tea time is a great time to catch up and spill the verbal tea all at the same time!

Have a pool party

 Hanging out by the pool with your girls is a great way to relax and unwind on a girls trip.

San diego 

catalina island

malibu Beach

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