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Vegan Nigerian Adalu aka Beans and Corn Stew

Adalu aka Beans and Corn

Adalu is an easy, traditional Nigerian stew/porridge. It's typically vegan and only requires one pot to make!
Difficultly Level: Easy/Beginner Friendly
Cook Time 50 mins
Total Time 50 mins



  • Beans: I used Black beans here but Black eye peas or Nigerian oloyin beans are preferred typically cooked from dry for 50mins until soft.
  • Sweet Corn: Fresh corn or frozen corn
  • Diced Tomato or Tomato Paste
  • Ata Gungun aka Nigerian Red Pepper or Scotch Bonnet Pepper
  • Onion
  • Garlic Clove
  • Spices: You can use your own combination of spices on hand I suggest curry powder, cumin, salt, thyme and veggie bouillon



  • Start with beans cooked (either from dry or canned)
  • Blend onion, tomato, and pepper together
  • Combine all ingredients in one pot and let cook for 30-50 mins on low to medium heat.
  • Let sit to cool and then serve or refrigerate


Optional** if you’re not vegan some people add dried crayfish or shrimp but it’s not needed for this recipe
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