How to Stick to Fitness Goals & Resolutions  

Start Now:

The hardest part of the workout is usually showing up! Commit to starting and sticking with it! 

Start Small: 

Starting with even 5 mins a day “mini workout” can help to get you into the flow of a fitness routine

Start a Class:

 Fitness classes are the perfect way to get that extra push and meet others with similar goals!

Start Incorporating: 

The easiest workouts are ones that you do within your day to day activities. It could be burpees during commercial breaks or cardio in between errands!

 Start Sharing:

 One of the best ways to stay accountable is to also share your goals with friends and family so they can support you along your journey.

Start New:

 If you do the same workout over and over, you’re likely to hit a plateau. Instead, try to keep your workouts fresh and new.  You might try jogging, lifting weights or taking a hike!

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