Ultimate Philly Dessert Guide: Where to Get Dessert


The Sweet Life

Philly  is home to  world-class restaurants, making it the perfect foodie paradise . Get your just desserts at one of these great spots.

The Wayward

The Wayward's  signature dessert, the Croquembouche is one of a kind.  The mini cream filled donuts are coated with caramel on top table side for an Instagram-worthy snap.


Located inside of the Rittenhouse Hotel, this classical restaurant is best known for their iconic afternoon tea

Off-white Location

Miel Patisserie

Tucked away near Rittenhouse park is this French Gem full of  classic pastries. The  traditional croissants and the macaroons are a must-try!

Prince Tea House

Stop in this Chinatown gem for  a decadent multi-level cake, creatively presented mini cakes, and delightful teas.