5 Reasons to Visit Sonoma County California


Sonoma County is more than just a world-class wine destination. It’s also an untapped premier wellness destination.


Sonoma County is full of beautiful  alluring gardens and nature focused spas. Take a visit to one of these relaxing destinations on your trip to Sonoma County.

RedWood Forest

Visit Sonoma County to explore the Redwood Forest. Hiking and forest bathing in the majestic Redwoods, are a must for all nature lovers.

Farm to Table Restaurants

Sonoma County is also home to many great restaurants that utilize the nearby farms for produce.

Cedar Enzyme Bath

The Cedar Enzyme Bath is a rejuvenating heat treatment from Japan. Osmosis Spa in Western Sonoma County, is the only day spa in the US that offers this treatment.

Pet Friendly 

If you love to travel with your pet like me then any city that welcomes dogs with open arms is worth a visit!

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