How to Start a New Fitness Routine

August 31, 2020

Adidas Ultraboost


Now that summer is winding down, I’ve been focusing on incorporating more outside workouts into my daily fitness routine. As you know, I love my peloton workouts, but I also love variety. I know that finding the right pair of running shoes is important so I did my research. I decided to purchase a pair of Adidas Ultraboosts, and I’m so happy I did. I love that these shoes are super lightweight and are able to keep up with my various workouts.

Adidas Ultraboost


When I’m not doing outdoor runs, I’m doing a mix of virtual workouts through Classpass. I’ve been fortunate enough to get some basic equipment that I can use for weight training, boxing, and even yoga.


Adidas Ultraboost



If you’re interested in jump-starting a fitness routine for Fall here are my three recommendations:

1). Invest in a great pair of running shoes. I choose the Adidas Ultraboost but there are other great running shoe options as well you can check out here.

2). Find an accountability buddy. Having someone you can go for runs with, or even just virtually check in with helps keep you much more accountable.

3). Create a routine ahead of time, during a typical week, my workout routine is usually:

Monday: 8am Peloton Ride followed by a 20 min Yoga cooldown

Tuesday: 6am Yoga and then 30 min strength class followed by a 20 min walk

Wednesday: 7am Boxing and 30 minute HIIT walk and run

Thursday: 6am Yoga w/ RW then 30 min strength and 30 minute HIIT walk and run

Friday: 7am Boxing then 30 minute HIIT walk and run


Adidas Ultraboost

Whatever routine you decide to start, make sure it’s one that you enjoy! When you enjoy your workouts you are much more likely to keep them up!


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