Facial Spa Review: Joanna Vargas

October 28, 2019
Facial Spa Review


One first you never forget is your first facial. I had my first facial in my early twenties at the Joanna Vargas day spa in New York when I did a facial spa review and it felt amazing. Recently, I had the opportunity to come back to the Joanna Vargas salon for a complimentary service. 

Facial Spa Review

I opted to get Joanna’s signature Triple Crown Facial. The Triple crown is a favorite of many of her celebrity clients. My skin was recovering from some breakouts and a bit dull after not having any skin treatments in quite some time. My esthetician told me that retinoid would be a good ingredient to add to my skincare routine. After very quick microdermabrasion, she cleansed my skin, making sure to really rub the cleanser in. She told me that this helped the product to really seep into the skin. Next, comes the oxygen-infusion which felt like tiny gentle suction cups being applied all over my skin. After, she applied a mask all over my face and started the microcurrent. 

Microcurrent facials are like a workout for your face. The esthetician used two small prongs to send a mild electric current to the targeted areas of the face. It triggers the production of collagen and draining of puffiness through the lymphatic system. The process is completely painless and actually quite relaxing. 

Facial Spa Review

The best part, it gives you immediate results. Most noteworthy, my cheekbones were more defined. After reading in other facial spa reviews the benefits of getting monthly facials, I definitely plan to go back regularly for facials and clean beauty products. On my next visit, I plan to try out the Supernova facial at the insistence of the esthetician that worked with me.


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